Our Wheaton Terrier Story

by Kelly and Dave Barista

We recently adopted from Iowa Wheaten Rescue a Wheaten Terrier named Renny. It was an owner turn-in and it was a no charge adoption. I sent in the application online at Iowa Wheaten Rescue website and heard from Connie about a possible adoption of Renny, a 4-year old Wheaten Terrier. It was a great call and I became in contact with the former owner, Kelly. She was a wonderful and caring lady who I contacted via phone and had a nice conversation with her and asked her questions about Renny. She was so helpful and sweet. We decided to meet in Des Moines, Iowa to pick up Renny on May 19, 2007.

Saturday, May 19th 2007
We drove about two hours to Des Moines from our house in Aurora, IL. We were so excited we didn’t sleep well the night before. We arrived in the parking lot of a Chili’s and met Renny and Kelly. Kelly couldn’t be nicer and she was so sweet. We fell in love with Renny as we approached the parking lot. We could see his cute fuzzy face…we fell in love! He was so friendly and such a good dog. We talked for a while and Kelly gave us all his items; crate, igloo, dog bed and leashes. We really lucked out!

Thus began our drive back home. Renny sat with us in the car and in the back seat and hopped into my lap about 20 minutes into the drive back home. He thinks he is a lap dog for sure! He was so good and so sweet. We finally got home and took him around our house to let him feel it out and smell everything. We had a lot of visitors that day and had a housewarming party at a friend’s house. We brought Renny along and he was so good and everyone fell in love with him. He is a party dog!

Why we love him
Renny has been with us for a month right now and I feel like we have had him forever! He has the sweetest disposition and such a good personality. We are “those people” that bring our dog everywhere with us (luckily we have nice family and friends who let us). My parents have two poodles, so now Renny has cousins. They love to play and run around with one another. Our favorite thing to do is take Renny for a nice, long walk when we get home from work. We have a golf course in our backyard and take him around the golf course. He stops on every tree and is a sniffer—but so cute. He is the most loving and caring dog. He loves to lick our feet and gives lots of kisses. My husband Dave calls him our Buddy.

Renny is a celebrity!
Recently I uploaded a picture and story about Renny for being the cutest dog for a local radio station in Chicago, IL. The radio station is called 101.9 the Mix. The website is and under animal house you can find his picture and story on the website. We won the contest and a prize for him being the cutest dog. I entered the contest and was so excited that he won. We have to take him for a trip to Petsmart to get some good toys and treats for our good boy.

Thank you so much
We are so excited with our adoption of Renny. We lucked out and are so thankful to Connie Steckly and Kelly Portz for connecting us with Renny. We are in love with the Wheaten breed and will never get another dog but a Wheaten! Thank you so much to Iowa Wheaten Rescue for helping us find our Renny-we love him!

Thank you so much,
Kelly, Dave and Renny Barista

First Day