The Wheatens-more updated stories

Holly, aka Calie Fracassi: An Irish coated puppy born on 1-31-05. She now lives in Kansas City, MO. She left our house on 6-03-05.
Below is Holly (left) with Polly and Molly (right) when they first arrived.

Molly White: An Irish coated puppy born on 1-31-05. She now lives in Lewisville, TX. She left our house on 6-09-05 and stayed with Jacky Woody until 6-12-05, then went to her new home. See Molly above.

Polly, aka Riley Patnode: An Irish coated puppy born on 1-31-05. She now lives in Anamosa, IA with her family that includes one Lab, one Airedale, and one other Wheaten (below). Her new mom picked her up on 6-09-05.

Duke, aka Finnegan Joffe (below): He was born on 4-28-04 and now lives in Columbus, OH. He left on 6-01-05.
A note from Finn’s new mom: "Oh my gosh...who would have known that I could love a dog so much???? He continues to be a stinker at times but he's won me over! I can usually call him to come and he will! He is a very smart boy!"

Annie Porter (below): She was born on 8-23-00 and now lives in Lincoln, NE. She left in 6-2005.
A story from Annie’s new mom: "I was gardening in the yard and she was outside with me. She noticed that I was focused on the plants, so at first she wandered over and peed in the garden. Ha! Next she concentrated on the plants, and seemed to notice that I was pulling weeds out of the ground. However, she began pulling on flowers with her teeth instead of weeds! I was so amused by this that I allowed her to slightly tug on the plants. But eventually, she settled to just calmly licking the plants, while I continued to garden!"

Maggie Ficek: She was born on 2-10-00 and now lives in Portland, OR. She left in 6-2005.
Maggie (below) after receiving medical attention – right before she went to her new home

The following rescue was supported and done through WIN (Wheatens In Need Rescue)

Our First Iowa 10 - WIN
Written by Rachel Heimburger as told to by Connie Steckly
Edited by Kristin M. Johnson

The Big Day

The first set of rescued Wheatens arrived on May 22nd 2005, all of which were from puppy millers or breeder sellouts. This was about to become a family venture! My husband Tony, daughter Ashton, son Bryce (who turned 16 on this day), and myself, along with my mother and Rachel, devoted several hours to bathing, feeding, grooming, exercising, and evaluating all ten Wheatens. In addition, Dr. Jonelle Hankner and vet tech Brandy came out to our property to do a medical exam of each Wheaten.

The Condition Of The Wheatens

I was so happy that Gwen Arthur, founder of Wheatens In Need Rescue, gave us the opportunity to work with these Wheatens, with the hope that they would have a second chance at life. It broke our hearts to see the condition they were in. They had ear infections, worms, and most of them were tick-infested. The females had vaginal bleeding and discharge due to infection. Their teeth were terrible and they were severely matted. It took Rachel and Ashton three hours to cut the mats out of one Wheaten. All of the Wheatens had been mishandled, over bred, and malnourished on purpose. They had never been exercised and had no muscle mass. Most of them didn’t even know what dry food was. Some had probably never even seen the light of day. But the most heart-wrenching part of all was their lack of positive human contact.

It was amazing to see what a little love, good food, and kindness could change in a short amount of time. It was a new beginning! All of the Wheatens were being medically treated and had been spayed/neutered. As the days passed, they became healthier and their personalities started to emerge, little by little.

Everyday we were seeing a little more “Wheaten” in each one of them. We knew it wouldn’t be long before many of them could go to their new homes, which was exciting. The vet bills were in the thousands, but without the help of WIN many of these dogs probably would have died within months, maybe even days, if they had not gotten the care and attention they so desperately needed.

The Wheatens

These are the Wheatens that stole our hearts from the moment we first saw them, and their updated stories.

Faith was born on 04-23-03. She is still at our house and needs a very special home. She was placed but returned to us on 8-05-05. She was the most severely matted of all of the Wheatens…it took 3 hours to groom her.
left is Faith before, right is her after grooming hug.

Benji, aka Murphy Vranek (below): He was born on 12-12-04 and now lives in Highland Ranch, CO. He left on 6-03-05.
Benji on his first day at the Steckly’s – with Ashton

Ellie, aka Honey Baugh: She was born on 4-06-01 and now lives in Conrad, IA. Her new mom picked her up on 6-03-05.
Ellie (below), before medical treatment

Rocky: He was born on 4-12-96 and resides at the Steckly house in Iowa. He is considered to be Tony’s shadow and the WIN mascot of Iowa. (Sorry his photo needs to be added.)