by Janet Joers
Rescue Coordinator
Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

The pretty boy in the photos below is #133 from the Shelbina rescue, now named Finney, and now living only an hour from me. It was a great pleasure for me to meet him--or "re-meet" him--two months after the auction when he came to my house for grooming.

Finney has made unbelievable progress in this short time. Only a month ago, he was almost too frightened to be walked in his new neighborhood on the quiet residential streets there. Yet today he looks forward to those walks and explores everything. That's what he did at my house. He patrolled the whole yard, tail up, checking things out. Finney was also friendly to me, wagging his tail, and being the consummate gentleman on the grooming table. He was not afraid of the clippers (thanks to his foster mom and his owners who worked with him on that), and seemed to enjoy the brushing, combing, and scissoring, and all the attention. What a sweet boy he is!

When the time came for him to leave, owners Dottie and Kent Smith put Finney in his crate in the back seat of their car. There on the top of his crate was the shipping label I signed that early morning in Des Moines--so far away, and so long ago.

Those of you who put so much of yourselves into this amazing rescue made Finney's transformation possible. Today he is a much loved family companion, with a home of his own, and two people to love him and for him to love back. That's success, and a real tribute to our Shelbina Rescue Team.

A few updates on several of the Shelbina rescues that landed in the northeast.

by Tracey Fulmer in Newton, MA
Kerry Rescue Coordinator, New England

#117 Katy is being fostered by Carol Oddi Wert, foster home extraordinaire in CT, and will be going to her new home this week! Carol fell in love with Katy's spunk and spirit, and when good friends of Carol recently lost their 16 yea old canine companion, Carol hoped they would adore Katy as well. And they did. Her adopters are wonderful retirees who have loved and nurtured rescued dogs all their lives. This will be a first Kerry for them and Carol is excited as she will see Katy regularly for grooming. Katy will have two male canine siblings -- a Dalmatian and an Aussie mix -- to pal around with as she adores other dogs. I believe that's a picture of Katy greeting a volunteer in a yellow hat in the Shelbina Rescue link.

#122 Kyra was a favorite of our rescue group as she was rather fat and jolly. I had to ask the vet a few times to make sure she wasn't pregnant, which she wasn't. Kyra was the mother of a male (Archie) that was recently rescued in Maine, a Petland impulse purchase who had more than a few homes before he landed in his last one. Kyra required some mouth surgery, I suspect due to the neglect and lousy food she was fed. She lives with a Kerry male and while we weren't sure it was a good match at first, things have worked out and Krya has wormed her way into all their hearts. Her family is in New York.

#107 Molly Malone is living in Northern NH with Oskar and his harem of cats. Molly has decided to stay! Oskar was a little unsure if he wanted another Kerry to share his attention, but being the gentleman that he is, he agreed to let her in on some action. Oskar and Molly's owners are andexpert foster and adoptive home, having worked with Greyhound rescue for years. They are delighted beyond words with the Kerry breed and their latest Kerry addition. I understand that Molly is rocked in a warm lap and sung Irish melodies in the evening and she is much more generous in giving kisses than Oskar. She's Daddy's little girl.

#115 Teeshee is available for adoption as her foster family is unable to keep her (although they wanted to adopt). Teeshee adores her 5 year old human sibling and gets along nicely with the family's male Kerry and female mini schnauzer. Teeshee is very timid so we are looking for a home with another dog to help her learn the ropes and continue to gain confidence. Her foster mom reports that Teesee is great on the grooming table and has a glorious coat -- soft, wavy, plush and a beautiful blue. I just sent in some pictures that show how pretty she is. Teeshee is being fostered in MA and will be 3 years old in June.

#109 Izzie, my little girl, is also doing fabulously. She's so incredibly willing to please that when she sits, she puts her paws perfectly together and her tail doesn't stop wagging in anticipation of her praise and treat. We start group obedience classes next week and I have a feeling she'll be the star. She still can't climb up the hardwood stairs and yells at me to carry her up if I leave her downstairs alone. She is persistent! Still not much interaction between her and Bailey, but they seem to enjoy each others company nonetheless. Izzie is very submission with other dogs, which is a total change of pace for me. I have to keep an eye on her as other dogs, even puppies, tend to pick on her. Bailey has actually come to her rescue a few times, so the pack has formed.