Patience is needed for a multitude of reasons when dealing with a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, especially a rescued wheaten.

Some rescued wheatens will warm right up to their new owners, but some may be shy and timid. Time, training, affection and patience will be needed to help the more timid wheatens come out of their shell. Some rescues have had a hard life. Your dedication will change his/her life forever - and it will change yours as well. (Refer to Socialization)

Some wheatens, whether they are rescue wheatens or not, can need a little extra time to be housetrained. You can expect a younger wheaten to have occasional accidents during their entire first year of life and some a little longer. You can expect some rescued wheatens to have never been introduced to housetraining (or even a house) and they will need to start from scratch.

Wheatens are smart and will learn if they are given proper instruction, training and enough time. They have some habits that can be hard to break, like jumping up. Patience and positive reinforcement will be essential to owning a rescued wheaten terrier.